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Colored Gemstone

Every month of the year has a gemstone that represents it. These also happen to be the most popular gemstones.

Garnet -January birthstone - used for 2nd wedding anniversary. Deep red with hints of orange & brown.

Amethyst - February birthstone - used for 6th wedding anniversary. Lilac to violet. Color of royalty.

Aquamarine - March birthstone - used for 19th wedding anniversary. Crystal blue. Name means "Ocean Water"

Diamond – April birthstone - 10th wedding anniversary. The most treasured symbol of devotion, honor, and strength.

Emerald - May birthstone - used for 20th & 35th wedding anniversary. Dark green. Believed to bring good luck and health.

Alexandrite - June birthstone - used for 55th wedding anniversary. red to green depending on light.

Ruby - July birthstone - used for 15th & 40th wedding anniversary. Blood red, one of the rarest, "King of Gems"

Peridot - August birthstone - used for 16th wedding anniversary. Green apple. Believed to help dreams come true.

Blue Sapphire - September birthstone - used for 5th & 45th wedding anniversary. Medium to dark blue. Symbol for loyalty and trust.

Tourmaline(pink) - October birthstone- 8th wedding anniversary.

Opal - October birthstone - 14th wedding anniversary. Color of the rainbow. Symbolic of love and life.

Citrine - November birthstone - used for the 13th wedding anniversary. Mellow gold, sunny quartz, hints of orange.

Blue Topaz - December birthstone - 4th wedding anniversary. Sky blue, Swiss blue, London blue. Color of communication and self expression.