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A diamond’s color is graded using an alphabetic scale. This scales starts at D, which is considered the best. It ranges all the way to Z, the worst color ranking for a diamond.

The reason why the color of a diamond is so important is because when the light enters the diamond, it acts like a prism and splits the light, making it sparkle magnificently. The whiter a diamond is, the more sparkle there is and as the color moves more towards shades of yellow, meaning from D to Z, the diamond’s beauty becomes greatly diminished.

The rarest colors are D and E, which are both colorless. A diamond with a color grade of F is also colorless, but a bit more common than D and E. G, H, I and J are all considered to be nearly colorless, and they are the more commonly used diamonds that you will find in jewelry stores today.

Beyond J traces of color are much easier to see making these stones less desirable.